Muebles Jamar implemented solar panels

Company News    Jun 4, 2021 1:14 PM

The company Muebles Jamar started the process to implement solar panels in its stores back in 2017.

The company announced that this plan became a reality in several cities in Colombia, La Republica reported.

Edgardo Sanjuan Idrovo, Infrastructure and Maintenance Director of Muebles Jamar, explained that the main goal is that the company’s stores, which have the solar panels, will consume between 50% and 70% of that generated energy. This will mean an average consumption in each store of 2,210,133KW/h.

“This translates into a significant innovation in our work and an added value for our customers and consumers, as it demonstrates our concern for delivering a sustainable service,” Sanjuan highlighted.

The company made an initial investment of more than CoP$400M, representing 125KW of energy produced through the installed panels.

The company said that the first phase of this project will be in the stores Jamar Trinitarias, Jamar Principal, HiperJamar, Cuatro Vientos (Cartagena), San Felipe (Cartagena) Sincelejo, Montería, Riohacha, Santa Marta and the Galapa Distribution Center.

Bottom-Line: This news is one more proof that all economic sectors are joining the use of renewable energies in the country.

The country must follow this path to see a greater participation of these sources in the energy matrix in the medium term.

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