National Carbon Neutrality Program

Company News    Aug 11, 2021 1:52 PM

The Ministry of Environment (MinAmbiente) created an early action strategy to achieve carbon neutrality. Several companies have joined this initiative.

The entity highlighted that 100 companies in the country joined the National Carbon Neutrality Program, Portafolio reported.

“These companies, within their environmental management policies, evaluate actions in sustainable transportation, energy transition, efficient resource management, technology conversion, and process optimization, among others, to implement in their organizations and contribute to the country’s environmental commitments,” MinAmbiente explained.

The entity highlighted the work of the private sector to achieve these purposes by becoming an engine of development with direct influence in regional dynamics.

“Membership means that the organizations will work on the creation and strengthening of their capacities for the calculation, reporting and management of their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventories, identifying and implementing actions to achieve carbon neutrality and thus add to the national commitments on climate change,” MinAmbiente said.

The country’s productive sector considers that carbon neutrality is important because it gives it the opportunity to initiate a gradual technological transformation process. This will provide tools to use resources efficiently to produce and consume in a more responsible way.

Bottom-Line: The private sector demonstrates its commitment to climate change by signing up for these initiatives and thus contribute to the energy transformation of the country.

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