New auction, new players

Regulation & Policy    Sep 16, 2019 11:36 AM

This is the list of companies that will participate in Colombia’s next long-term energy auction.

According to information from the Energy Mining Planning Unit (UPME), 53 companies: 27 energy generating companies (with 56 projects) and 26 marketing companies, submitted their proposals for the tender.

Among the commercial suppliers to take part of the tender, are: Celsia Tolima, Electrificadora del Meta, Empresa de Energía del Putumayo, Empresa de Energía del Quindio and Ecopetrol Energia, among others, El Tiempo said

According to Alejandro Lucio, director of the Óptima Consultores firm, Energía de Francia (EDF), main energy generation and distribution firm in that country, as well as the Acciona company, present in 65 countries, will be part of the tender, too.

Another player, who already has operations in Colombia, is America’s AES.

France’s Casino Group, owner of the majority shareholding of the Éxito Group, presented its proposal through the Green Yellow firm, followed by Canadian Solar Energy SAS; the world’s second solar panel manufacturer.

Also on the list is Celsia, through the Pacific Energy Company and Termotasajero, which produces energy with coal.

Isagén, owned by Canada’s Brookfield fund, will also be part of the process with the Guajira 1 project, which has a 20MW capacity, as confirmed by the company’s president, Camilo Marulanda.

According to the UPME’s schedule, the auction will take place on October 22nd this year.

To see the full list, click here.

Bottom-line: Although the first energy auction was declared void, the second attempt of this process hopes to achieve better results, judging by the number of participants who signed up to participate.

We are confident that just as has occurred in other scenarios, the government took note from everything that went wrong in the first energy auction and adequate corrections have been made.

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