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Company News, Energy    Sep 30, 2019 5:46 PM

Enel-Codensa and the National University inaugurated the first High Voltage and Renewable Energy Innovation Laboratory (LIATER) in the country. The entities expect to make great contributions to the sector, thanks to this facility.

According to HSB Noticias, Enel-Codensa and the National University look to generate innovative and efficient solutions to face the challenges presented by the electric infrastructure sector, within the framework of the energy transformation in Colombia.

Enel-Codensa announced investments of over CoP$2B for this laboratory this year. This facility will promote the development of products and solutions to specific problems that arise in the construction of substations and high voltage networks.

Francesco Bertoli, Manager of Enel-Codensa, recalled that the firm created the ‘Open Power’ strategy, and the laboratory is the result of it.

“The company seeks to learn with others, about the great energy challenges,” pointed out Bertoli.

He commented that the firm will conduct a study on the useful life of high voltage underground cables, “which will give future indicators to evaluate manufacturers and select the best power cables for our system.”

The LIATER will aim to find solutions for the different challenges identified by Enel-Codensa in its operation. However, the laboratory will be free to develop innovations to face the energy transformation of the electricity sector.

“We hope to be able to propose electric power solutions that are increasingly compatible with the environment and communities in the areas of influence of substations and networks,” Bertoli said.

He commented that this laboratory will become an example for the country of how academia and the private sector should work together, for the development of solutions that benefit an entire economic sector.

Bottom-Line: These alliances between the private sector and academia are vital to boost research and development in the country. Colombia needs to move further on this issue and LIATER is a great step to achieve it.

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