New progress in Hidroituango

Company News, Energy    Oct 28, 2021 4:43 PM

Hidroituango, with a view to achieving its goal of starting to generate energy with its first two units in the second half of 2022, announced a new advance in the work.

The team achieved the installation of the power cables that will transport energy from the transformers located in the powerhouse to the substation at 500 kilovolts (kV), La Republica reported.

The process of this installation starts at the 500kV substation, passing through a box culvert to connect with a 336 meter long inclined shaft, which has a 45° inclination. This is where the cables will rest when they are in operation.

In the first stage of this activity, 13 cables are installed in the northern area of the powerhouse for the commissioning of what will be the first four power generation units, according to EPM.

EPM expects that this activity will be developed during the 4Q21 to leave ready the first circuits that guarantee the transport of energy.

The new power plant will have eight power generation units (300MW of power each), for a total of 2,400MW at its maximum operation, which will provide 17% of the energy required by the country.

William Giraldo, EPM’s Vice President of Generation, said that the project is progressing satisfactorily.

“These cables will bring out the generation energy from the first unit in 2022, we expect to assemble another 12 cables to guarantee the generation transmission of the first four units,” Giraldo highlighted.

In the coming days, work will focus on the assembly of more electromechanical equipment that make up the generation units (stator, rotor and turbine) and will begin shielding the pressure or vertical shafts of units 1 and 2.

EPM expects the arrival of the remaining 12 power transformers in December this year, which were manufactured in China.

Bottom-Line: After weeks of much controversy and little positive news, EPM manages to announce progress on the Hidroituango project. This is positive as it shows that the company and contractors continue to work on this important facility, despite the current conflicts.

However, his boss, the mayor, will not like him saying “the project is progressing satisfactorily”. That is not the right message apparently.

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