New solar device

Company News    Sep 30, 2021 3:28 PM

Solartia and IED, expert companies in energy and electronics, decided to join their knowledge and experience to create the Arca device.

Arca is a solar device for power generation in remote areas, La Republica said.

“The goal is to fight against electrical exclusion in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet,” the companies highlighted.

Arca is an autonomous solar generator that integrates solar panels, power electronics, storage, and energy prepayment in a compact, robust and simple way. This makes it capable of permanently supplying energy anywhere in the world.

This tool is designed to be installed at any site without qualified personnel.

“We are convinced that it will provide a boost in terms of improving access to energy. In addition, we believe that globally Arca will contribute to reducing poverty, preserving the environment and even promoting gender equality,” Emilio Mendivil, CEO of Solartia, said.

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