Northwestern Interconnection Project

Company News    Jul 15, 2021 4:52 PM

ISA delivered the Northwestern Interconnection project at 230,000/500,000 volts.

La Republica reported that this mega-project “strengthens the National Transmission System and generates sustainable value for the inhabitants of the 36 municipalities through which it crosses”.

The project will represent revenues of US$42M per year for the Group.

This work included the installation of 718 kilometers of high voltage double circuit transmission lines (696 kilometers at 500,000 volts and 22 kilometers at 230,000 volts); the construction of two new substations in Antioquia, one in the municipality of Briceño and the other in Heliconia; and the expansion of four more substations: Cerromatoso (Córdoba), Sogamoso (Santander), Ancón Sur and Porce III (both in Antioquia).

ISA’s Bernardo Vargas Gibsone said that this megaproject is currently the largest for the National Transmission System and fundamental to guarantee the reliability of the Colombian electric system.

“The project offers new connection lines for the supply of energy from the Porce III and Sogamoso hydroelectric plants and in the future from Hidroituango; it also integrates the current networks of Antioquia, Santander and Cordoba,” Vargas explained.

The project was built in 28 municipalities in Antioquia, two in Córdoba and six in Santander, generating close to 9,200 jobs during the construction phase. ISA reported a social investment (between mandatory and voluntary) of CoP$62B.

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