OCAD projects to generate energy

Electricity, Energy    Jul 15, 2021 4:51 PM

OCAD Paz approved seven projects to bring electrical service to several regions of the country.

These OCAD projects will bring energy to more than 2,400 families in the departments of Arauca, Magdalena, Meta and Norte de Santander, through individual, isolated, solar solutions, La Republica reported.

The resources approved were CoP$48B, and are in addition to 133 projects that have been approved for the expansion of energy coverage, representing investments of CoP$1.2T.

“New Energy, coming from the sun, continues to be one of our main allies to bring the transformative power of electricity to the regions,” Minister of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia), Diego Mesa, said.

Since its creation, OCAD Paz has facilitated investments in electricity projects approved in the departments of Cauca (CoP$176B), Nariño (CoP$207B) and Putumayo (CoP$168B), representing 42% of the approved allocations (CoP$534B).

In addition, three investment projects financed with resources from the Production Incentive were prioritized and approved in the municipalities of Caimito and La Unión, Sucre, and Neiva, Huila.

Bottom-Line: Solar energy continues to position itself as the main source of unconventional renewable generation in the country.

Authorities must monitor the development of these projects to avoid acts of corruption or social problems.

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