Offshore wind power generation

Renewables    Oct 7, 2019 6:13 PM

The Caribbean Sea is positioned as one of the areas with the greatest potential for renewable energy projects and experts are analyzing its potential in different areas.

According to Portafolio, shallow waters in the Caribbean Sea, in front of the Guajira coast, are positioned as an ideal place to develop offshore wind energy projects in the medium term.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia) began to contemplate this option recently, although not formally; technicians consider this alternative attractive to the country.

Ministry officials commented that onshore wind projects in this area have surprised for the results obtained so far. In addition, they said the offshore potential could be higher, since air currents are higher in shallow waters.

It is estimated that the wind has a speed of one meter per second (1 m/s) overa coastal areas, because there are no obstacles that prevent air currents from being cut off.

However, investment and maintenance costs are higher in offshore wind farms compared to onshore facilities. In addition, these projects could generate impacts on marine fauna.

Representatives of the Renewable Energies Association (SER Colombia), commented that this issue has not been addressed so far. The association is focused on developing wind and solar projects, in regions such as the Llanos Orientales and Boyacá at present.

Bottom-Line: The offshore wind potential may be high in the Caribbean Sea but there is still much to be done in regulatory, operational and environmental issues to see these projects in the country. Colombia must continue to promote energy transformation, and prepare the ground for these projects but thinking about the long term.

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