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Company News, Regulation & Policy    Jun 25, 2021 4:12 PM

The Colombian Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME) presented the companies that will be part of the selection process for the STR 2021 call (Electric Energy Storage System with Batteries).

This call seeks an investor and an auditor for the design and procurement of supplies, construction, operation and maintenance of the 45MW battery electric energy storage systems in Atlántico, Valora Analitik reported.

The participating companies are NG Colombia Energía, Proeléctrica, Celsia, Colombia SA ESP, Interconexión Eléctrica, Sociedad Instincts Terpel, Canadian Social Energy Colombia SAS, Grupo Energía de Bogotá (GEB), ABO Wind Renovables, Aire SAS ESP, Essa ESP Atlántic.

The Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG) registered the envelope in its technological platform containing the maximum award value of this tender.

In addition, the UPME presented the physical documentation containing the bid bond, which was presented at the entity’s facilities by the bidders: Celsia, ISA, GEB, Sociedad Instincts Terpel, Canadian Solar Energy Colombia, NG Colombia Energías and Aire SAS.

It is important to remember that the UPME incorporated two fundamental issues that define the remuneration to the successful bidder of the auction: one is that it sets the payment profile based on a formula which now contemplates projects with a useful life of 15 years.

The second aspect is that the entity established that the network operators of the Regional Transmission System (STR) will pay the winning bidder for the services offered. However, the marketers will be able to transfer this fee to the end users’ tariff.

Bottom-Line: This and the other auctions planned for this year have the challenge of attracting the interest of investors in the midst of an unprecedented social crisis. The government will have to make a great effort to succeed in these processes.

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