Partnership between Enfragen and GivePower

Company News    Jul 27, 2021 9:04 PM

Partners Group and Glenfarne Group announced Enfragen’s collaboration with GivePower to finance energy projects in Colombia.

The companies will finance solar energy and water treatment projects in Colombia, Valora Analitik reported.

EnfraGen will finance several essential high-impact infrastructure projects in Colombia, where its subsidiary Prime Energía operates.

Among the projects funded are solar micro power plants, solar water factories (SWFs) and other projects focused on providing access to water and clean energy in some of the most vulnerable communities throughout the country.

The first project will be a solar micro power plant to support the operation of a local health post, an agricultural processing facility and a local school for the Kogi, an indigenous group living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

“As an active member in Latin America’s energy transition, we are delighted to partner with GivePower and combine our local and sector expertise, as well as our business relationships, to help them achieve their mission of providing access to clean energy,” Brendan Duval, Founder and Managing Partner of Glenfarne Group, said.

GivePower’s Michele Magee said that the company is grateful for EnfraGen’s commitment to support projects in Colombia.

“By bringing clean energy to the communities most in need, together we will have the opportunity to significantly improve the health, economic status and overall well-being of those we work for,” Magee said.

Patricia Mejía, General Manager of Prime Energía Colombia, said that the company is actively contributing to the country’s energy transition.

“We seek to contribute to the country’s development through social programs. This new alliance with GivePower gives us an opportunity to achieve both goals simultaneously,” Mejia said.

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