Peak energy demand

Energy    Jul 28, 2021 2:06 PM

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia) announced that Colombia registered its highest energy demand in history.

The entity said that the country reported the highest energy demand last week in its history, with Friday July 23 being the day of highest level, with 220GWh/day, La Republica reported.

MinEnergia Diego Mesa said that last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the highest consumption in the statistical record were registered. Energy demand was much higher than the levels prior to the pandemic.

“This shows us that the economic reactivation is a reality. Sectors with the highest consumption were industrial, agriculture and social. The private sector has been leveraging the vaccination plan,” Mesa said.

Mesa added that the energy sector is fundamental in the sustainable reactivation of the country.

“Thanks to electric energy it is possible for other key sectors to operate, such as transportation, education, health, commerce and industry, among others,” MinEnergia concluded.

It is important to recall that energy demand increased 8% to 6,017Wh in June 2021 compared to same period last year (5,568GWh).

Bottom-Line: It seems like the protests are over, which generates more optimism, but authorities must make a big effort to avoid new blockades to continue on this positive path.

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