Projects to strengthen the electrical system

Company News, Energy    Jul 20, 2021 12:26 PM

XM, operator of the National Interconnected System (SIN) and administrator of the Wholesale Energy Market (MEM), announced projects and infrastructure for the country’s electricity system.

The entity said that one generation and seven transmission projects came into operation between April 1st and June 30th this year, La Republica reported.

These projects will complement and strengthen the National Interconnected System (SIN).

The Belmonte Solar Farm operated by Empresa de Energía de Pereira, located in Risaralda, has a capacity of 5.06 MW. Its participation increases solar generation in the SIN to 85.52MW.

Risaralda continues to position itself as one of the leaders in unconventional renewable energies.

The Reforma 230 kV substation came into operation in 2Q21, and will later allow the connection of a new Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) load to the substation.

Celsia installed a new 115/13.2 kV transformer at the La Unión 115 kV substation in the department of Valle, with a capacity of 25MVA.

Enerca completed the expansion of the Morro 115kV/34.5kV substation in Valle, adding a new 10MVA transformer to its system.

Empresas Municipales de Cali (EPC) declared in operation the new substation Sur (Cali) 115 kV and the line Meléndez Sur (Cali) 115kV; the substation Diesel II 115kV and the line Diesel II Sur (Cali) 115kV as of June 13th, 2021.

ISA Intercolombia started operating 230km of the 500kV transmission line that connects the Porce III substation in the department of Antioquia with the Sogamoso substation in Santander.

Desarrollo Eléctrico Suria declared the Suria 230kV substation and associated assets in operation on June 13th.

XM’s Jaime Alejandro Zapata said that the SIN gets greater support for the operation, thanks to these new projects.

“The SIN gains in reliability and has larger transmission and distribution networks, which allow us to continue strengthening our system,” Zapata said.

Bottom-Line: The entry into operation of transmission projects is great news for the country, as this is one of the main challenges to connect new generation sources to the system.

This number could be higher, if environmental licensing and prior consultations were faster…

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