Projects to strengthen the SIN

Electricity, Energy    Jul 14, 2021 4:15 PM

The government is strengthening the expansion of the National Interconnected System (SIN) with the development of seven energy projects.

The projects came into operation between April 1 and June 30, one is for generation and six for transmission, Portafolio reported.

The Granja Solar Belmonte with 5.06MW is operated by Empresa de Energía de Pereira, increasing the participation of solar generation in the SIN to 85.52MW. This project is located in the department of Risaralda.

The transmission projects came into operation in the National Transmission System (STN), two in the Regional Transmission System (STR) network and two of connection between the Local Distribution System (SDL) and the STR.

The Reforma 230KW substation, the 500 KW transmission line connecting the Porce III substation (Antioquia) with the Sogamoso substation (Santander), the 115/13.2 KW transformer in La Unión substation (Valle), and the expansion of the Morro substation stand out among the transmission projects that came into operation.

“With the entry of these new projects, the SIN gets greater support for the operation, gains in reliability and has larger transmission and distribution networks, bringing the best energy to Colombians,” Jaime Alejandro Zapata, Manager of the National Dispatch Center (CND) of XM, said.

Bottom-Line: The entry of new projects is vital to guarantee supply in the short and medium term.

The share of renewable energy is still small in the energy matrix, but more and more projects are beginning to operate, generating confidence in supply and positive expectations.

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