Protests affect energy demand

Energy    May 20, 2021 6:19 PM

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia) spoke about the protests and their effect on energy demand.

The entity said that energy demand was 185.8GWh/day on average in the first week of May, Valora Analitik reported.

This represents a drop of 7.1% compared to the previous week.

MinEnergia explained that this negative behavior is the result of protests in various regions of the country.

“The trend of the week was the reduction in demand in industry, commerce and agriculture, which presented the greatest variations with 26%, 7.2% and 14% respectively,” the entity said.

However, this metric increased 2% compared to the same week in May 2020.

In regional terms, Valle, South and East showed reductions of 20%, 11.2% and 8.8% respectively.

MinEnergia said that the water reservoirs level increased 6.3% compared to the last week of April and reached 70.03%.

Bottom-Line: The government must make a greater effort to reach an agreement with the leaders of the protests, as the current situation is affecting even more the deteriorating economy of the country.

Colombia was beginning to show signs of recovery, but this has collapsed since the start of the protests.

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