Public buildings with solar energy

Regulation & Policy, Renewables    May 28, 2021 6:01 PM

Barranquilla announced a strategy to install solar panels in public buildings.

The city plans to implement solar energy to more than 300 public facilities, El Tiempo reported.

The Mayor’s Office is preparing to install at least 70,000 solar panels.

The initial purpose is to install the panels in police stations, local Mayor’s offices, libraries, fire stations and nursing homes, among others.

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo presented the project with the goal of moving towards self-sufficiency.

“The city will move with clean energy. That is where the world is going, and this will generate conditions for our offices and establishments to be self-sufficient with solar energy,” Pumarejo said.

The Mayor’s Office and the company APBaq selected Entoria Energy, from Singapore; Hecate Energy, from the US; Recap Solar, from Sweden, and Empresa de Energía from Colombia, as the partners of the process.

Authorities estimate that this green energy will allow savings in billing, and the reduction of 23,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

Pumarejo added that the mayor’s office is working on a second phase with wind generation, considering that the city reports average wind speeds between 10 and 13 meters per second.

Bottom-Line: Barranquilla continues taking important steps to advance in the energy transition and consolidate itself in the energy center of the country.

Other cities should follow Barranquilla’s example to attract investments in the energy sector.

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