Renewable energies and equity

Renewables    Oct 2, 2019 2:32 PM

The Colombian government is committed to diversifying the country’s energy matrix as soon as possible. Diego Mesa, Vice Minister of Energy, participated in a discussion on the potential of renewable energies in the regions. He talked about these energy sources and their social benefits.

According to a press release, Mesa said that renewable energies promote equity, because these sources close the gaps in access to electricity in the country.

The conversation addressed key success factors and barriers in the national territory to harness the potential of power generation from unconventional renewable sources and energy transformation.

“Nearly 500,000 Colombians do not have the energy service in our country. Photovoltaic solutions help close these access gaps, especially in the most remote areas,” highlighted Mesa.

He pointed out that the government wants to contribute to generating social equity and authorities set the goal of bringing electricity to 100,000 new users in the next four years.

The vice minister recalled that the government is making great efforts to boost renewable energy as a fundamental part of energy transformation.

“Mechanisms such as long-term auctions are showing that unconventional renewable sources generate efficient costs, which can translate into better prices for users,” Mesa said.

In addition, Mesa said that unconventional renewable energies generate development with environmental protection as well.

“Public policy is driving renewable energies, boosting diversification, complementarity and competitiveness of the energy matrix,” said Mesa.

Bottom-Line: The government is doing a great job to boost new energy sources in the country. Colombia has great potential in this area and offering a solid regulatory framework will be key to take advantage of it.

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