Renewable energies forum talks regulatory policies

Clean tech, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    Apr 15, 2019 5:47 PM

The Colombian government wants to diversify the country’s energy matrix, promoting the development of projects with new energy sources. Experts spoke on this topic at the third International Renewable Energies Meeting.

According to Energia Limpia para Todos, experts said that generation projects with new energy sources have great opportunities in the country. These projects continue to grow despite not having a regulatory framework that makes it more flexible to participate in different markets.

Andrés Romero, Director of Valdesta, said that the government should create a clear policy to encourage the development of renewable energy projects.

“It is important to have public policies so that everyone can see the benefits and not just the costs,” highlighted Romero.

Martin Garcia, Commercial Director of Green Yellow, commented that customers pay more attention to the industry news on regulatory issues, despite not being experts in the subject.

“The clarification on the cost of the support contract unlocked many projects,” pointed out García.

Gabriel Umaña, Commercial Director of Harvest Activos Sostenibles, said that the country needs training on renewable energies and regulatory authorities should offer more information about the sector to banks.

“The industrial and real sector knows more about renewables in the country, but others are lagging behind, for example, in financing issues where local banks are three steps back,” Umaña explained.

Camilo Jaramillo, CEO of Hybrytec, said that more companies are focusing on investment projects, facilitating the use of renewable energies.

“This has made things easier because the customer does not have to buy the system for years, but it is a complementary vehicle,” said Jaramillo.

He said that the sector has to face several challenges and regulatory obstacles, but the current government has shown willingness to solve this situation.

“We will see more solar panels on the roofs of the cities,” pointed out Jaramillo.

Bottom-Line: Renewable energies are beginning to grow, and authorities must accompany this process to facilitate the entry of new players and the signing of more contracts.

The sector has to improve on many fronts, but undoubtedly the regulatory framework must be one of the priorities.


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