Renewable energy projects in Vichada

CSR and Social, Renewables    Mar 31, 2021 2:45 PM

Renewable energies are positioned as the engine of economic and social development in Vichada.

The Colombo – French Association of Researchers (Colifri), with the support of entities and organizations of the public and private sector, intends to promote economic and social development through renewable energies in the agricultural, tourism and educational sector of Vichada, La Republica reported.

Colifri’s activities are based 100% on research to improve and optimize some of the Vichada’s production systems and its value chains.

Julien Chenet, Director of the French cooperation project FSPI, said that this project addressed multiple needs in the department, as energy has been a limiting factor for the economic, social and sustainable development of the region.

Chenet explained that the main goal is to improve, through renewable energy research, the local environment at a socio-economic and educational level through multidisciplinary training programs.

The project seeks to generate sustainable options through photovoltaic panels, organic waste management, among others, and to integrate these systems into the value chains of productive sectors.

One of the subprojects is the use of solar energy to produce ice, which benefits fishermen who are often far from the points of sale.

“Oasis” is another plan that seeks to generate organic gardens, leveraging solar energy to produce organic food, fertilizers, biogas and drinking water in a circular way.

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