Road projects with sustainable standards

Company News, Regulation & Policy    Jul 5, 2021 5:25 PM

The Ministries of Transport (MinTransport) and Environment (MinAmbiente) presented the ‘Green Road Infrastructure Guidelines for Colombia (LIVV).

The document aims to guarantee that these projects incorporate environmental considerations in all their phases, Portafolio reported.

The country’s 42 road projects respect these environmental standards in their planning from the early stages of structuring, thanks to this document.

There are five projects that are incorporating these sustainability standards in their different phases. These are the Catatumbo Trunk Road, the Pacific – Orinoco Connection – Arimena Bridge – El Viento – Puerto Carreño; the Macarena Transversal between Mesetas – Uribe, the Orinoco Trunk Road San José – Calamar – El Retorno (Guaviare) and the Momposina Transversal.

Invías has 34 structured study and design projects that incorporate these guidelines in its sustainability evaluation methodology.

Some of these are the Ciénaga – La Virgen via, the construction of the second roadway between Barranquilla- Palermo- Tazajera- La Virgen, road connectivity studies in La Guajira, the dual carriageway between Calarcá – Armenia and Calarcá – La Paila, among others.

“These guidelines have a guiding character and their purpose is to generate information and technical knowledge on various topics related to environmental and social impacts,” Vice Minister of Infrastructure Olga Lucía Ramírez said,

The expert said that there are opportunities to develop sustainable transportation infrastructure in the country.

Bottom-Line: Including all economic sectors in the process of energy transition and environmental care is essential to meet the objectives set.

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