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Energy, Regulation & Policy    Jul 7, 2021 4:43 PM

SER Colombia’s Germán Corredor spoke about a number of current topics such as hydrogen, biomass and solar and wind energy potential, among others.

Corredor told La Republica that hydrogen is the fuel of the future in the short term, as its production process is absolutely clean.

“Colombia has a huge potential for its production. With the hydrogen industry, other renewable energies will be further developed,” Corredor said.

The expert said that La Guajira has a world-class wind potential, about 30,000 MW installable in wind farms. He said that there is also good potential in the rest of the Atlantic and coastal areas and in regions such as Boyacá and Nariño.

“In the case of solar generation, the potential is all over the country, with better radiation indexes than Germany or Spain,” Corredor said.

Corredor said that Colombia has advantages and great potential in biomass generation.

“However, the costs of biomass are high, so there has not been enough interest in this type of project,” Corredor acknowledged.

He said that the installed capacity of the system in the interconnected part is 17,500MW, and the country could have between 60,000MW and 70,000MW with these new technologies.

Corredor explained that Colombia must regulate energy storage in large quantities.

“Batteries can provide service to improve power frequency, grid frequency, voltage, but all those services have not yet been regulated,” Corredor said.

Bottom-Line: The government must clearly define the rules of the game for these new technologies in the country.

This will be fundamental to succeed in the upcoming auctions.

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