Smart energy metering

Company News, Electricity, Energy    Jun 10, 2021 6:45 PM

Smart energy metering continues to advance in the country and Air-e announced its progress in the Caribbean.

This strategy offers detailed information on energy consumption in any device and can reconnect the service remotely, El Heraldo reported.

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) allows bidirectional communication of energy service users with the integration of hardware (advanced meters, measurement management centers, routers, concentrators, antennas, etc.), software, architectures and communications networks.

The implementation is done through the installation of smart meters.

Air-e is developing 78 projects for the replacement of electrical networks for the improvement of energy service with Conpes resources, involving the installation of this modern equipment.

“This process has zero cost for users. This implies that customers do not have to pay for the installation of the meter,” the company highlighted.

It is important to remember that the government plans to massify smart metering, reaching 75% of users in Colombia with an advanced smart metering system for energy consumption by 2030.

The government said that this will benefit users and Colombia will move towards modernization and digitalization of the electricity sector at the same time.

“The implementation of modern meters in the region allows us to start on this path, which is part of the commitment to improve service,” Air-e said.

Bottom-Line: The government has been working to promote the installation of smart grids in Colombian households, but this process will take time.

It is good to hear that Air-e is moving forward with this process in the Caribbean, as this will be fundamental to providing better energy service in the region.

However, the company will have to face the challenge of an initial rejection from the communities, convince them that this will not imply a higher cost, and connect them legally to the grid.

Not an easy task…

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