Solar and wind projects advance

Renewables    May 26, 2021 10:30 PM

Wind and solar projects in the Colombian Caribbean are progressing satisfactorily, representing great opportunities for the region.

The sector is developing unconventional renewable energy projects that represent investments of US$1.5B, La Republica reported.

There are 122 current projects, most of them in Phase 2, in seven departments of the region, according to the Mining-Energy Planning Unit (UPME); 72% of these are focused on solar developments leveraging irradiation of the region between 5KWH/M2/day and 6.5KWH/M2/day, higher than the Colombian average of 4.5KWH.

The sector develops most projects in the Atlantico, with a total of 26 solar projects and one wind power.

The boom in unconventional renewable projects took off since the arrival of Law 1715, with an increase of 733% in the capacity generated since 2018.

Authorities expect 36 photovoltaic solar projects and one wind power to come into operation this year, totaling 529.83MW, representing investments of CoP$1.8T.

“The goal is for the country’s first wind farm to come into operation in 2021, which will be located in La Guajira, and 12 more photovoltaic energy projects,” the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia) said.

Bottom-Line: The Caribbean Region has great opportunities in renewable energy and local authorities are doing a great job to encourage new projects.

This project boom will be essential for the generation of income and employment, encouraging economic reactivation.

However, the government and the sector must work on the social part, as this is representing an obstacle to advance in the projects.

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