Storage with batteries and renewable energies

Company News    May 7, 2021 5:33 PM

Enel Colombia CEO, Lucio Rubio, spoke about battery storage and renewable energies in the country.

Rubio said that the company launched the first large capacity Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at the Termozipa thermal power plant, representing an investment of US$6M, El Tiempo reported.

“Batteries are considered the future of power generation,” Rubio said.

The expert explained that this technology offers benefits for the provision of complementary services such as improvement in the quality of the voltage, frequency regulation, and energy delivery in times of high demand.

“Batteries are an important signal in the energy transition model. They are hybrid systems where, by combining thermoelectric generation with these batteries, we will be able to provide a better energy quality,” Rubio highlighted.

Rubio said that the BESS is the transition base towards renewables to build the generation model of the future.

“The BESS plays a very important role in guarantying sustainability, as they are the enabler that provides flexibility and reliability to electrical systems,” the expert said.

Rubio said that the development of renewable energy projects must go hand in hand with the expansion and strengthening of the grid.

“The BESS has the ability to strengthen the interconnected system while leveraging other unconventional technologies,” he said.

Bottom-Line: Battery storage has sparked interest and controversy at the same time in Colombia. Some analysts consider that the cost of this technology is too high to implement in the country, while companies like Enel are betting on this segment.

The government must work within a solid regulatory framework and incentives to advance in this type of technology and guarantee supply reliability.

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