Superintendence Investigations

Electricity, Regulation & Policy    Oct 5, 2018 2:01 PM

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce initiated an investigation process in the electricity sector for possible non-compliance in some technical standards; Seven companies are under investigation.

According to HSB Noticias, the Superintendence initiated an investigation process to seven power plant builders. The entity explained that these investigations are due to non-compliance with the safety requirements demanded in the Technical Regulation of Electrical Installations (RETIE).

Companies must have a ‘certificate of compliance’, which verifies that the products meet the RETIE’s standards. The entity said that this document is a clear proof that the products have been subjected to tests and controls to guarantee their reliability.

Super Fox, Alpha, Luxury, Electra, Galvani, the Cebu, TNT Impulsor and Electrón 30 KM are the companies investigated. The Superintendence said that these firms are under preventive measures such as the suspension of importing, manufacturing, commercialization and distribution of products of their investigated brands. These preventive measures will remain in effect until the companies comply with the RETIE standards.

The Superintendence recalled that RETIE controls are key to prevent the misuse of these equipments and the damage that an electrical discharge of these plants can generate. The entity said that 90% of companies that sell these products do not meet the minimum requirements, and they could be fined with more than CoP$100M.

Bottom-Line: These types of controls are positive for the sector, as this will help improve company practices and penalize firms that do not meet the required standards. The country must seek to create a competitive and reliable energy market, to grow nationally and internationally.


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