Sustainability and logistics sector

Company News    Apr 20, 2021 4:57 PM

Air pollution is considered the greatest environmental risk for the health of Colombians and the logistics sector wants to contribute to reducing this problem.

Greenpace said that each Colombian consumes 24 kilos of plastic on average per year, generating almost two tons of plastic waste at the end of their 75-year life expectancy, Portafolio reported.

The only solution to significantly reduce pollution in our country is to reduce plastic production and not just recycle it.

It is necessary to implement measures to counteract collateral damage caused by different industries such as transport applied in logistics.

Some alternatives are promoting active mobility, public transport, the introduction of vehicles such as bicycles, the use of carbon credits and artificial intelligence to reduce journeys, among other.

Last mile logistics is considered an expensive, complex, and polluting stage due to the resources used for delivery.

Mensajeros Urbanos is a last mile logistics technology platform and is committed to being a sustainable and environmental company.

The firm highlighted that around 35% of its logistics operations are zero gas emissions and its intelligent algorithm helps to minimize distances, as it optimizes routes, reducing CO2 generation.

“At Mensajeros Urbanos, we are convinced that we can develop a responsible and sustainable operation, that is why we advance the process to start our international certification, for now we will continue working on being a carbon neutral platform,” Mauricio Cifuentes, Vice President of Growth, said.

Cifuentes said that the company is working to encourage the non-use of plastic within the operation.

“We are sure that any effort contributes to the conservation of the environment,” Cifuentes concluded.

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