Sustainability at the leadership level in LatAm

Company News, Regulation & Policy    Mar 16, 2021 6:58 PM

SAP conducted a study on “Sustainability in the Latin American Leaders’ Agenda”, with encouraging results.

The study said that 45% of senior executives of medium and large companies from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico said that their companies already have a sustainability strategy in their organizations, HSB Noticias said.

Six out of ten top Latin American executives interviewed affirm that sustainability is profitable; and 22% said they had a sustainability strategy, placing this issue as a priority among corporations in the region.

The report was developed among 450 organizations from sectors such as financial, retail, telecommunications, health, entertainment, oil and gas and mining, among others.

Most respondents (60%) said that their company has an important affinity with gender equality, the circular economy, training the workforce for the future, social entrepreneurship, or climate change.

“Sustainable practices not only help the environment and our communities; they are also the key to get competitive advantages, improve the reputation of the brand and increase employee satisfaction,” SAP’s Cristina Palmaka said.

The expert added that sustainability is going from being optional to being mandatory.

Bottom-Line: Companies know the relevance of implementing sustainability strategies, and this provides great opportunities for new energy sources.

Colombia is doing a great job on this issue, making satisfactory progress in the implementation of renewable energies in several sectors and adopting more aggressive climate targets.

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