Sustainable Development: experts view

Energy, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    Aug 5, 2020 11:21 AM

The National Association of Domiciliary Public Service Companies (Andesco) hosted its “Quality and equality are the Keys to a Sustainable Development” webinar. ePower Colombia attended the event.

Enel’s Lucio Rubio was the main panelist at the event, and opened his talk by saying that the firm’s main priority is to achieve a high quality service to promote a sustainable growth of the country’s where it operates.

This, through four pillars:

  1. A de-carbonization plan based in the promotion of renewable energy projects, sector in which “Enel was a pioneer, after implementing green projects in 2005 in some of the countries where it operates.
  2. Boost a digitalization process to optimize energy generation processes in water reserves.
  3. Improve its energy service in urban areas, taking into account the important amount of migration from rural to urban spaces in the last decade.
  4. Boost electric mobility, “as it is the transport of the future,”. This, to guarantee a better quality of the service in particular and public transport systems.

“To date, Enel supplies charging points for 478 electric buses in the city of Bogotá,” Sierra recalled.

The executive concluded by saying that it “would not make sense to talk about sustainability in business, unless a firm makes sure it treats its workers with the respect they deserve,” explaining that Enel implemented measures to make their workers happier in their work environment, which include having half-a day off in their birthday and in their kids’ first day of school, among others.

Bottom-line: We like to report on the corporate profile of companies that are helping boost the Colombian energy sector.

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