Sustainable economy and zero carbon

Energy, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    Sep 29, 2021 4:45 PM

The VII International Environmental Fair (FIMA) begins and a sustainable economy and zero carbon will be two of the main topics of discussion.

The event will last until October 2nd and one of the most important topics to be discussed at this conference is sustainability in companies and projects, Portafolio reported.

There, environmental initiatives and bioeconomy strategies that contribute to the country’s challenges to achieve carbon neutrality will be presented.

In addition, participants will announce ideas for calculating the carbon footprint, its management and the changes that must be made to reach CO2 neutrality.

The Minister of Environment (MinAmbiente), Carlos Eduardo Correa, said that the congress is an opportunity to put Colombia at the center of the reflection on climate change and contributions to achieve global emission reduction goals.

“It is an opportunity to make visible initiatives of major relevance in education, public policy and conservation with a multi-stakeholder approach,” Correa said.

Among the most important guests at this fair is Canadian / Colombian anthropologist and ethno botanist Wade Davis, who has dedicated himself to studying and describing the indigenous cultures of Latin America, especially those of this country.

The European Union is the guest region of the International Environmental Congress. The University of Salzburg and the Global Vice-Presidency of Corporate Affairs of Coca Cola-Femsa will also attend.

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