Sustainable transport in the times of Covid-19

Company News, Energy, Renewables    Apr 29, 2020 2:14 PM

This is how Mía Scooters, an entrepreneurship created by two Colombians, seeks to boost sustainable transport in Latin America’s busiest cities.

The initiative was announced in October 2019, and seeks to massify sustainable transport in the main cities of Latin America under a model of “mobility by subscription,” El Tiempo said.

The rental of a ‘Mia vehicle’ can be carried out in the medium and long term. This option not only contributes to a better air quality, but stops a further spread of the Covid-19, as users will not be sharing the vehicle with other people, said Daniel Bernal, CEO and Co-founder of Mía Scooters.

“The market in general changed dramatically and it is our duty to adapt to these new dynamics. Making life easier for the users is part of Mia’s DNA. It is everyone’s responsibility to revive the economy in a sustainable way, without compromising more lives,” he added.

Due to the health emergency, Mía Scooters will offer preferential and economic rates to health personnel in Bogotá.

By ‘adopting’ a Mia vehicle, the user will not have to worry about preventive or corrective maintenance processes, and will be covered with an accident policy.

Regarding delivery and collection of the scooter, it will be carried out at the desired place and without additional cost.

This is the first medium and long-term electric vehicle rental platform in Latin America, and it already has the support of multiple investors who see a possibility of safe mobility in the midst of the pandemic.

The venture that currently operates in Bogotá, seeks to expand through the main cities of the country.

Bottom-line: We like to report on the corporate profiles of companies that are helping change Colombia’s energy future, especially entrepreneurships that are stepping up their game, while helping the health and financial emergency.


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