“There was negligence in the appointment of Carrillo”: Cadavid

Regulation & Policy    Oct 21, 2021 4:28 PM

Attorney Hernán Cadavid filed a lawsuit against the appointment of Jorge Carrillo and spoke about the reasons for it.

Cadavid told Asuntos Legales that there was negligence by the Mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero, EPM and its Board of Directors.

“When Calderón Chatet’s appointment fell through, Jorge Carrillo went from the Board to management, and I realized that Decree Law 128 of ’76 prevents a person who is a member of the Board of Directors from immediately going to management,” Cadavid explained.

He said that several people warned about this and the Mayor’s Office said it was reassured by a concept by the Consultative Chamber of the State Council.

“There was negligence on the part of EPM and its legal team, and on the part of the Mayor’s Office,” Cadavid said.

He estimates that the State Council will resolve the appeal in the first quarter of 2022.

“There is an issue of legitimacy at a difficult moment for the company, but the action does not question Carrillo’s academic or managerial or ethical capacity, but rather the formal act of the appointment,” Cadavid highlighted.

He said that this lawsuit was made in a personal capacity, without any support from political parties.

“I am very activist in the legal sense, I have filed several complaints, and these types of actions are always carried out in a personal capacity, because I cannot speak on behalf of the Centro Democratico,” Cadavid said.

Bottom-Line: This lawsuit only further complicates EPM’s corporate situation and although it is “in a personal capacity”, it will undoubtedly deepen the fight between the mayor of Medellin and the Centro Democratico.

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