Thermal plants ready to back up

Energy    Oct 11, 2021 5:35 PM

The country is advancing in the construction of a robust thermal generation sector to serve as backup to the Colombian electricity system.

The industry is putting in place a thermal park with more than 40 plants, Portafolio reported.

According to the UPME registry, the 34 thermoelectric plants already in operation will be joined by 9 plants scheduled to start operating by the end of 2022. There are four new plants and five more in capacity expansion, which were scheduled in the last auction of the reliability charge held in February 2019.

“The generation matrix requires the entry of thermal projects to provide security and reliability in energy supply,” Andeg’s Alejandro Castañeda said.

Of the short and medium term projects, there are the expansions of Termovalle and Termoyopal. Also, Termocandelaria, Tesorito, Termoeber and Termoproyectos are in the final assembly phase. Plants such as Termosolo 1 and Termosolo 2 are in the process of executing their warranties.

Other key thermal power plants located in the Caribbean region are: Guajira I, Guajira II, Termoeléctrica de Barranquilla (Tebsa), Termoflores, Termocandelaria, Termocartagena, Gecelca 3, Gecelca 3.2, Termonorte and Proeléctrica.

Bottom-Line: It is important to advance in a backup generation source, considering the high dependence on hydroelectric plants. However, the country must also work on guarantying self-sufficiency in natural gas, a key input for thermoelectric plants…

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