Thermoelectric Tesorito benefits

Company News    May 6, 2021 4:45 PM

Celsia spoke about the benefits of Termoelectrica Tesorito in its areas of influence.

The company highlighted that the ‘El Tesorito’ project has hired local population since the beginning of its construction, according to a press release.

Celsia said that there are 399 people working at present, of which 252 are from the communities of the San Antonio and Los Laureles villages, as well as from other areas in the municipality of Sahagún, in Córdoba.

“The links have been made in accordance with the guidelines of the project’s personnel, goods and services contracting policy, in which workers have full salaries, benefits and conditions,” Celsia said.

The company explained that the hiring policy was agreed with all the participants of the project monitoring committee, which is made up of representatives of San Antonio, Los Laureles, the Mayor’s Office of Sahagún, the municipal Ombudsman and the company.

“Job offers are processed through the Employment Monitoring Committee, guaranteeing the participation of the population with the greatest transparency and harmony,” Celsia said.

Carlos Mauricio Meza, Celsia’s generation project leader, said that the company intends to be “good neighbor and contribute to the community.”

“Local hiring is one of the actions we are taking to contribute to the economic reactivation,” Meza said.

Spencer Pardo Plaza, representative of the San Antonio community, said that one goal is to guarantee that people have access to information, participate, know about vacancies, and access employment.

“We have managed to harmonize ourselves and the participation of entities such as the Mayor’s Office and the Personería greatly favor the process,” Pardo highlighted.

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