TPL bets on Colombia’s energy

Company News    Aug 3, 2021 5:13 PM

Termocandelaria Power Limited (TPL) is the holding company and the main investor that operates the thermal power generation plants of Termobarranquilla (TEBSA) and Termocandelaria.

TPL is Colombia’s fourth largest energy player, and the company plans to be one of the top three generating agents by 2022, Portafolio reported.

The company highlighted that thanks to the Termocandelaria expansion process, this facility will be the third largest and most efficient thermal plant in Colombia.

The Combined Cycle Closure project began in 2020 and is currently 62% complete, and this plant is one of the few projects that is meeting the deadlines established in its schedule.

This project will contribute to better meet the country’s energy demand, providing efficiency and reliability to the Colombian electricity system.

Once the expansion comes into operation, there will be an 80% increase in the combined cycle gas-fired thermal generation capacity, from 314MW to 566MW, with an improvement in plant efficiency of more than 35%.

Termocandelaria will contribute to achieving the emissions goals set for 2030, providing more energy with practically the same amount of natural gas, without increasing atmospheric emissions and using this fuel with low environmental impact.

In addition, TEBSA is fundamental for the energy of the Caribbean and the country, as it is the largest thermal generator in Colombia and its 791MW combined cycle makes it the generation plant that contributes the most firm energy to the country.

TEBSA has the capacity to deliver around 12% of the national energy demand and 45% of the Caribbean’s energy demand.

TPL will continue to be attuned to the evolution of the market and its regulation, and contribute to the economic and social development of Colombia, providing firm, reliable and available energy.

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