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Company News    Nov 15, 2021 6:31 PM

The Colombian startup Unergy has just launched a new independent alternative in the utilities category to provide electricity digitally and intelligently.

Unergy Digital Energy is an initiative that in the short term is working and aims to deliver 100% clean energy, Portafolio reported.

The company has raised more than CoP$3.3B to finance 13 solar energy projects in the country, helping to avoid the generation of more than 130,000 kg of CO2.

This financial backing comes on top of a CoP$700M investment for the power provider’s entry into operation.

“Unergy drives the decentralization of this market by allowing an energy consumer to be a generator through investment in solar energy projects, but also a marketer because it can sell that energy with some surplus to other users,” CFO Paola Santiago said.

She explained that the consumer becomes a mini decentralized energy supplier that contributes to the country’s energy matrix and makes energy.

“By 2025, we expect to exceed CoP$100B in revenue and 5,000 users from energy sales. However, to expand our impact and accelerate our goal, we are structuring our first round of investment,” Santiago said.

The company’s users will be able to know an estimate of energy price according to the time zone, which allows them to exchange consumption between the peak and off-peak periods, and thus generate savings; know where the energy they consume comes from (whether it is hydroelectric, solar, wind, thermal, imported or co-generated); set goals for intelligent and efficient consumption with the visualization of consumption in real time; and even choose between several types of rates to pay the bill, which will have all the payment facilities.

In addition, Unergy users can access savings of up to 15% for homes and 25% for businesses thanks to the combination of grid and solar energy.

Bottom-Line: Undoubtedly an alternative that will facilitate the entry of more people to the renewable energy boom, motivating them to invest and contribute to climate change.

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