Unsurprisingly EPM supports its new manager UPDATED

Company News    Apr 12, 2021 5:22 PM

EPM has announced Alejandro Calderon as its new Manager, generating controversy about his university degrees.

Calderon does not have an economist and specialist degree from the University of California, according to the Voragine News portal.

The information was came out after checking with the North America institution, La Republica reported.

EPM, in the statement of Calderon’s assignment, said that the businessman was “an economist and a specialist in business administration and economics from the University of California.” In addition, the company said that Calderón has master’s degrees in international economics and finance from the Montesquieu University of Bordeaux, in France, a title that apparently is not real either.

Anthony Schmid, Head of the Registrar’s Office at the University of California, said that Calderón attended a course in a program that does not grant a university degree because of the limited number of classes.

The Ministry of Education said that Calderón has not completed the process of validation of degrees before the entity to legalize the titles obtained at Harvard University, from where he presumably would be a Master of Liberal Arts and Government.

However, this process presents irregularities, since the information provided corresponds to the Harvard Extension School, which is not conducive to a university degree and can be taken by anyone.

Medellín Mayor Daniel Quintero defended Calderon’s election via Twitter. Quintero said that the election of Calderón had been in the hands of a headhunting firm and that the current EPM manager was the best in the selection process that brought together three former managers of the entity and 43 external candidates.

Bottom-Line: One more scandal that ends up deteriorating EPM’s corporate governance. The company took more than two months to select the new manager, but it seems like there was no time to verify his university degrees…

UPDATE: A few hours after mounting this defense, Calderone fell on his sword and declined the appointment. He blamed his critics for the need to step aside.

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