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Regulation & Policy    Nov 18, 2020 3:19 PM

These are the investments that the government has planned for 2021, aimed at improving the energy service in Colombia’s rural areas.

With investments of CoP$7T, the government hopes to extend the energy service throughout the national territory.

The investments are established in the Mining and Energy Planning Unit’s (UPME) Indicative Plan for the Expansion of Electric Power Coverage (PIEC), El Nuevo Siglo said.

Regarding the distribution of resources, 9% would correspond to the expansion of the Local Distribution System (SDL), 48% will go to isolated solutions with hybrid micro-grids, and 43% to individual isolated solutions.

The UPME’s study added that “the PIEC shows the results of the geo-referenced consolidation of users without electric power service throughout the national territory, the envelope of the geo-referenced networks of the National Interconnected System (SIN) and finally the results in terms of optimal energy alternatives and the global cost of universalizing the electric power service.”

The Indicative Plan also analyzes alternatives such as: interconnection to the SIN, isolated generation with individual solar photovoltaic solution and isolated hybrid solutions for micro-grids.

“The most financially viable solution was evaluated to provide electric power service to the 495,988 homes that as of 2018 still do not have said service,” the document explains.

To date, the UPME has registered more than 7,260 MW of installed capacity in projects of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Sources (FNCER) throughout the country.

Bottom-line: More investments to close inequality gaps in the territories through high-quality energy service is a positive way to end the year, and sends the right message to investors.

Now it is up to local and national authorities to assure the investments are used for what they are meant to.

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