US businessmen interested in Colombia

Regulation & Policy    Sep 23, 2021 4:53 PM

President Iván Duque met in Washington with US businessmen and talked about their interest in renewable energies in Colombia.

Duque met with Jeff Bezos, whom he invited to visit Colombia, El Informador reported.

The president highlighted that US businessmen are interested in investing in renewable energies in Colombia.

Duque met with Frank Mars, of the Mars food company, and executives of clean energy companies Alder Fuels and SkyPower as well.

“We had the possibility to talk with two companies that are very interested in renewable energy issues in Colombia, others that want to create in Colombia an aggregated value chain of fuels, also with clean fuels for the aeronautical industry sector,” Duque said.

The President said that Bezos showed a desire to support Colombia’s environmental heritage, and that he is making a great contribution to humanity.

“Mars also wants to support the construction of sustainable production chains in cocoa, and is also interested in supporting the protection of our country’s coral reserves,” Duque said.

The President participated in a high-level meeting on climate change, along with 30 other heads of state and government, coordinated by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and United Nations Secretary António Guterres.

Bottom-Line: Colombia has great potential in renewable energy and investors know it. The government must continue to create the right legal and social environment to continue attracting investors to the country.

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