Vaccination in the electrical industry

Company News    Jul 9, 2021 4:33 PM

Companies in the sector join the private vaccination process in the country.

Grupo Energia Bogota (GEB) and its subsidiary TGI announced that they joined the Andi’s campaign, ‘Businesspeople for Vaccination’, La Republica reported.

The companies will vaccinate all their employees with the Sinovac vaccine.

The firms were prioritized to receive 762 vaccines in the first batch; 461 correspond to GEB and 301 to TGI.

Thus, about 1,100 employees of GEB and TGI in Colombia will be vaccinated, considering that the rest of the workers have already been vaccinated or are scheduled to be vaccinated in the next few days.

“Getting vaccinated is a great step, but we must not lower our guard because the vaccine does not prevent contracting the infection, but it can prevent health complications. Together we will get ahead,” GEB’s Juan Ricardo Ortega said.

EPM began the application of the first dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines to 1,700 workers of the Ituango Hydroelectric Project, according to La Republica.

CEO Jorge Andrés Carrillo Cardoso explained that the vaccination day will be developed over the next three weeks.

“Having 1,700 people vaccinated within the project, in addition to those who are already vaccinated, gives us the peace of mind to advance in the technical recovery of the future power plant, with the goal of starting to generate energy in 2022,” Carrillo highlighted.

The company will receive a package of additional Sinovac vaccines acquired in alliance with the CCC Ituango construction consortium. This is to accelerate the immunization plan for those working at the project.

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