Valencia talks summer and its effects in energy market

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Feb 12, 2020 2:48 PM

The Executive Director of the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG), Jorge Valencia, spoke about the country’s hot season, the water reservoirs behavior and energy costs.

He told BluRadio, that consumer behaviors such as repeatedly opening refrigerators during summer could reflect increases in bills.

“Consumption increase because every time I open the refrigerator door, there is a greater exchange of heat from the outside to the refrigerator and its motor must work harder,” said Valencia.

The Director spoke about conditions that determine energy prices in the country.

“Reservoirs level is one of the energy prices determinates in Colombia, and this metric moves according to that level,” said Valencia.

He recalled that each region has a different way of contracting energy, so “rates vary differently.”

Valencia explained that the system has been doing well with respect to what is held in the reservoirs, according to IDEAM reports.

“The reservoirs level and availability of different generators allow us to be calm this summer”, Valencia highlighted.

Bottom-Line: Colombia needs to diversify its energy generation sources, as it is very vulnerable to strong summers or natural phenomena.

This summer the country can be calm, but next? or what about if a Niño Phenomenon occurs?

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