Women lead the adaptation of the electrical infrastructure

Company News    Mar 22, 2021 6:05 PM

Enel-Codensa spoke about the leadership of women in electrical infrastructure for the charging of electric buses.

Three electrical engineers make up the squad that has led the process of energizing the parking lots located in the town of Fontibón, Enel-Codensa said.

There, the new fleet of electric buses of the Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) will be recharged. This is one of the most important projects that the company is developing for Bogotá.

Alejandra Arias, Angélica Vela and Érika Mayorga coordinate this mission. They have worked with more than 100 people in the energization of two of the six electrical terminals that oversee Enel X.

Enel-Codensa’s Francesco Bertoli said that the recharging project is a milestone for the company.

“For the first time, the technical adaptation work is led by a squad made up entirely of women thanks to their talent, a fundamental pillar in the company’s diversity and Inclusion strategy,” Bertoli said.

The company invested more than CoP$3.8B in the first two electrical terminals and the engineers coordinated the construction of a new circuit and the remodeling of three circuits, among other activities.

“Being part of this team did not happen because of being women, but it was thanks to our professionalism. We definitely showed that both genders are capable of taking on these challenges,” Alejandra Arias said.

Angélica Vela said that the sum of their strengths is what has generated good results, not the fact of being women.

“Being part of the squad has been a great challenge because quality execution must be carried out and within the established schedule. It is about developing complex activities, where we have to demonstrate our skills and rely on teamwork to achieve the goals,” Erika Mayorga explained.

Bottom-Line: It is not often we get a story that hits two of the three ESG pillars.

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