XM talks Hydroituango

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Nov 30, 2021 4:47 PM

National energy system operator XM talked about the effects of a new delay in Hidroituango.

XM said that a new delay in the mega project would raise energy costs, El Heraldo reported.

Jaime Zapata, manager of XM, said that if the project takes between 1 and 2 years to move its first turbines the country is capable of meeting national demand.

“However, this is a very important project for our generation matrix and as long as this project is delayed we are very vulnerable to any other high impact but low probability event,” Zapata said.

The expert acknowledged that the country is exposed to risks that may arise from different situations in the operation of the system.

“We are going to have to use thermal generation, possibly more expensive than hydro, which would imply higher carbon dioxide emissions,” Zapata said.

Bottom-Line: The probability that the project will present new delays is very high considering that the Comptroller General’s Office ratified the fiscal responsibility ruling against Hidroituango contractors.

The positive point is that the country has the capacity to meet the energy demand, but the government must make an effort to advance in other important renewable energy projects to have even greater back-up.

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