Acosol action plan

Company News, Regulation & Policy    Oct 3, 2021 2:54 PM

The Colombian Solar Energy Association (Acosol) already has an action plan for its management in the country.

The entity got its legal status before the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce just a few days ago, Valora Analitik reported.

Acosol already has 147 member companies from all fields of production in the solar energy sector.

“The national companies are distributed in 21 departments of Colombia, and the international ones in seven countries,” Asocol’s Miguel Hernández Borrero said.

The leader said that they will start working on agreements with the affiliated companies for the development of training sessions such as conferences, webinars and short courses.

The association will seek agreements for installers to certify their personnel in specific courses of greater depth with discounts.

Asocol will seek to participate in different technical roundtables where standards and regulations are designed and perfected, especially on Small Scale Self-Generation (SSG) and Distributed Generation (DG).

Hernandez said that the association has received applications from another 20 companies, after having closed the call for membership.

The expert highlighted that Acosol’s main goal will be to promote solar energy, especially AGPE and Distributed Generation (DG).

“In the future, we want to design a model for a seal or certificate of quality and good practices in the development of AGPE and DG projects. Affiliates will be able to acquire this certificate, once they meet a series of requirements,” Hernandez said.

Bottom-Line: The creation of associations will be fundamental to support companies in the sector, and join forces to advance at a faster pace in the development of new energy sources in the country.

The associations will play an important role in empowering members of the sector to better face the challenges ahead.

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