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Company News    Oct 9, 2021 7:19 PM

The EPM Group delivered a positive operations report for its subsidiary, Afinia.

Afinia completed its first year in Bolivar, Cesar, Cordoba, Sucre and 11 municipalities of Magdalena with positive results in investment levels, La Republica reported.

The company invested CoP$427B during its first year of operations in these regions. These investments are part of a plan that exceeds CoP$4T to improve the quality of energy service in this region over the next five years.

Afinia highlighted that the main achievement has been to advance in the transformation of energy service delivery and work to stabilize an obsolete transmission and distribution network that requires a general modernization.

The company reported 1,623,588 users as of August this year.

EPM’s Jorge Andrés Carrillo said that the Group’s relationship with its customers must be one of trust and that is precisely the task that is being developed.

“This year we have focused on modernizing, renewing and expanding infrastructure. We have approached the communities through a stronger social management and we have worked on improving the quality of the energy service and service times to our customers in the different channels,” Carrillo said.

Afinia, in its first year, has built a new transmission line (Copey – Bosconia), 12 new distribution lines and a new energy substation (Cereté), as well as other new infrastructure.

Bottom-Line: The Caribbean region has been waiting for this type of investment for some time, and the new operators are fulfilling their plans.

However, communities and local authorities must be patient, as it will take time to see the results of these investments.

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