Air-e finds illegal connections

Company News    Dec 7, 2021 6:30 PM

Air-e is developing a strategy to face energy theft in different sectors of the department of Atlantico.

The company found illegal connections in different commercial establishments, El Heraldo reported.

One of the anomalies was found at Carrera 43 and Calle 40, where the Hotel La Esmeralda is located.

In downtown Barranquilla, the company found illegal installations in the store ‘Camisetas y Camisas’. In this store, according to the company Air-e, “an illegal intervention of an electrical connection was detected.”

Additionally, an irregularity was found in the establishment ‘Mi Discoteca Bar Club’ on 45th Street and 39th Street, as well as in the beauty salon ‘Spa Bellas’, located on 36th Street and 71st Street, where a direct line was found.

Another of the commercial establishments with irregular electrical installations was the bakery ‘Makro Pan’, located on Carrera 38 and 61st Street, where operators identified a possible fraud.

The company found illegal connections in the north and south of the city as well.

One of the municipalities where illegal installations were detected is Soledad. In the neighborhood of La Central a fraud of this type was detected in the store ‘Mike Shop’.

Bottom-Line: Some things never change. Fighting illegality will be the main challenge for the new operators in the Caribbean region. At least Air-e is naming names.

There is a culture of non-payment and illegal connection that will be a complex task to face.

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