Andesco comments on Smart Metering

Regulation & Policy    Oct 21, 2021 4:31 PM

Andesco’s Camilo Sanchez Ortega spoke about smart energy metering systems and prior consultations.

Sanchez said that these systems are the future of the sector and that their implementation benefits companies and also users so that they can control their consumption, El Heraldo reported.

The expert said that Air-e users must be patient to see the changes in quality once the ongoing investments are made. He said that the Barranquilla’s utility companies are working hard to guarantee that residents enjoy better service.

Sanchez highlighted the investments being made in unconventional renewable energy projects in La Guajira, for about CoP$11T billion, as they will have a great positive impact in this region.

“Very solid companies such as EPM, ISA, GEB, Enel and AES will develop these projects. All of them are doing solar and wind energy, which represent 12% of the energy matrix, but prior consultations are lacking,” Sanchez said.

He said that it is critical to make prior consultations more agile in the different regions of the country. Sanchez said that the country needs to have a general rule to be able to reach agreements with the communities because this process is costly at present.

“They have to be done one by one, in a different way and each case becomes more onerous at a given moment,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez said clear rules of the game are needed and an understanding that the general interest takes precedence over the particular.

“In the case of La Guajira, we are going to have the advantage that energy and water are going to stay there first. This will benefit a sector that needs it to compensate for what is going to be lost because coal will soon be in decline,” the expert said.

Bottom-Line: The potential of the Caribbean region in energy issues is enormous, but prior consultations are becoming the main obstacle to develop large-scale projects.

It would be interesting for the government to do something about it, but with the presidential campaign on the way, it is difficult to believe that anything will change, as this would have a high political cost.

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