Balance of Air-e as operator

Company News    Dec 8, 2021 5:03 PM

Air-e’s Jhon Jairo Toro gave an overview of the company’s achievements so far.

The company took on the responsibility of “transforming the energy service” thirteen months ago, creating an aggressive investment plan to work on short and medium term renovation issues, El Heraldo reported.

The company has managed to expand communication channels so that all customers are attended to in a “timely and rapid manner”.

“We proposed some changes that in recent months we have seen progress in an increase of 44% of staff in the dispatch center, where the power grid is monitored and the expansion by 62% of the service brigades to deal with damage to infrastructure, reducing the waiting time of people without power,” Toro explained.

The company is developing around 300 projects in the region, with which it expects to achieve “definitive transformations” in terms of quality.

“In this last quarter, we have managed to have 16 works inaugurated with users benefiting as above. The investment volumes are already becoming a reality,” Toro said.

Air-e has projected investments of CoP$150B for this year, with the goal of bringing 43,000 users to normality in their electrical service.

This translates into 98 neighborhoods, of which, there are 28 in Atlántico, 59 in Magdalena and 11 in La Guajira.

“We will provide good networks, they will have a better quality of life, the properties will be normalized”, the executive highlighted.

The company has conducted energy workshops, training more than 157,000 people in the rational use of energy.

“We have been working on the ‘I like your energy’ program in different municipalities to bring the transformation process and explain everything we want to do in the community,” Toro said.

Toro announced that the company is closing investment projects around CoP$200B, which will be disclosed later in detail.

“As for the investments, these are not yet reflected in quality because they have been focused on maintenance work. However, we expect these to be seen by 2022 in the projects we are developing and those we will make,” Toro concluded.

Bottom-Line: Air-e has achieved great results in a short time, demonstrating that the change of operators was positive for the region.

The company has major investments committed and several projects under development, generating high expectations to improve energy service in the Caribbean region in the medium term.

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