Carbon neutral schools

Regulation & Policy, Renewables    Dec 16, 2021 6:46 PM

The Ministry of Environment (MinAmbiente) announced that more than 70 educational institutions have committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

The schools are located in Monteria (Cordoba) and this decision is with the aim of contributing to environmental conservation, Infobae reported.

The academic institutions will be accompanied by the National School of Environmental Training ‘Savia’ and the Directorate of Climate Change and Risk Management, through the National Carbon Neutrality Program, to establish strategies to achieve zero emissions.

“They want to be the first city with 100% carbon neutral educational institutions. This is great news for the country, for the education sector and, of course, for the conservation of our greatest heritage: the environment,” MinAmbiente Carlos Eduardo Correa said.

MinAmbiente will support these schools to strengthen their capacities in the management of organizational inventories of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and to minimize emissions.

The Ministry explained that this program has more than 300 entities and institutions that have ratified their commitment to the goals set by the government for 2030.

“The educational institutions want to join the National Carbon Neutrality Program. We want to be the first city in which all its official educational institutions sign the pact for carbon neutrality,” the rector of the Patio Bonito de Monteria Educational Institution, Rafael Garcia, said.

Bottom-Line: Achieving the goals proposed by the government requires the commitment of all sectors, and this initiative is a call to other institutions to join this commitment.

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