Celsia invests in electric infrastructure

Company News    Nov 17, 2021 3:34 PM

Celsia announced investments in electricity infrastructure.

The company continues to invest in projects for modernization of the electrical infrastructure in Tolima, Portafolio reported.

These works include construction and banding of new circuits, remodeling and/or renovation of networks, replacement of wooden poles, implementation of state-of-the-art technology and construction of new substations.

As part of these projects, the Ataco, Ortega, Rovira, Purificación, Suárez, Carmen de Apicalá (Pacolí) and Chapetón substations in Ibagué were renovated. The company completely remodeled these facilities, including the installation of second power transformers to double their capacity and provide greater support to the network.

Energy service is provided from these substations to customers in these municipalities and strategic sectors of Tolima.

Celsia invested more than CoP$21B and included additional work such as the improvement of voltage levels, repowering and modernization of these substations.

“It is important to improve the substations in these municipalities and to be able to install a backup transformer, because they are a key piece for the proper functioning of the network,” Celsia’s Project Leader Mauricio Lasso said.

The expert explained that in the event of a failure, only the new equipment needs to be connected, and users are not affected while a solution is found.

“We are fulfilling the improvement plan we established when we arrived two years ago in Tolima and we prioritize investments so that customers really feel the improvement in service, not only in Ibagué, but also in the other municipalities of the department,” Lasso said.

Bottom-Line: The companies in the sector are investing heavily in maintenance to continue improving the quality of service and contributing to the country’s economic recovery.

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