Cemex to invest in energy

Company News    Nov 4, 2021 5:59 PM

Cemex and Cemex Ventures announced an investment in Swiss company Synhelion, a pioneer in solar fuels.

The company seeks a carbon-free production process with this new investment, La Republica reported.

Cemex expects to meet its decarbonization goals, as part of its roadmap to mitigate climate change. Among the company’s proposed actions is to offer concrete with zero net CO2 emissions.

Synhelion offers to replace fossil fuels in cement plants with high-temperature solar heat and to capture all carbon emissions. The captured emissions are used as feedstock for fuel production, enabling cement manufacturing to achieve zero net emissions.

“This technology has enormous potential. It closes the carbon fuel cycle and also facilitates a carbon-free cement industry. This investment is one more example of the innovative projects and technologies we are developing to decarbonize the industry,” Gonzalo Galindo, Director of Cemex Ventures, said.

Bottom-Line: This story was the subject of a recent article in The Economist (paywall) which trumpeted the technology’s ability to produce cement (an essential material but a major contributor to greenhouse gases) and energy while potentially being carbon-negative. “And if that happened, one of the pariahs of global warming might thus redeem itself by helping alleviate the damage being done to the planet…”

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